Automotive Parts Production Line More Secure with SATO

End user: Manufacturer of automobile locking systems for companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi

System: Print and Apply system for labelling and identifying components of the locking system

More control of the production process. Increased security. Easy identification of parts

The manufacturer of locking systems for a range of high quality cars needed to produce the systems under tight security.

Issues: High Security
The system needed to be improved. The manufacturer wanted to have more control over the production process, while making sure critical data remained inaccessible to non-authourised people. The final stage in manufacturing was matching locks and keys. This stage was considered particularly time consuming. The company wanted a foolproof system, where pairing would be quicker and any lost keys would be found or replaced within a day.

Solution: Print and Apply
Security was one of the most important considerations in the solution. Work stations received instructions from the main frame computer. However, each station now only received information pertaining to its particular part of an entire job. This was to ensure that no one person has all the information.

On the production line, the robust SATO M 8485Se OEM printer module was selected to print labels. Integrated into an applicator, the SATO module produces a unique barcode label for each component and the applicator ensures that labels are accurately placed on the component. The reliable performance and round-the-clock printing capabilities of the SATO printer also guarantees there are no interruptions in the production process.

The use of barcodes makes it not only easier to control the production process but also makes it much quicker and easier to recognise matching locks and keys. The barcode labels are scanned to help identify and locate parts. Any lost keys can now be acknowledged and replaced in a much shorter time span.

A high security system now surrounds the manufacturing of the locking systems, protecting against theft in the workplace. The use of barcode labels for each component means that items can be more closely tracked. The pairing of locks and keys is also much more efficient, resulting in a faster delivery of goods to the customer.